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Welcome to our harbour shop Located inside Valencia Port

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Our shop offers goods and services to all seamen from ships that visit Valencia and it's surroundings.

We offer additional services

Car rent in Valencia

Car rent(from 50 €)

Kart racing in Valencia

Kart racing(from 50 €)

Apartment rent in Valencia

Apartment rent(from 50 €)

Night club service in Valencia

Night club service

Extreme sports activities

Skydiving Jumps in Valencia
Skydiving Jumps Heart-stopping adrenaline and adventure
Kitesurfing Training in Valencia
Kitesurfing Training Refreshing dip and work out
Snowboarding Classes in Valencia
Snowboarding Classes Discover beautiful mountains
Snowkiting Lessons in Valencia
Snowkiting Lessons Unique winter experience

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Port of Valencia Spain
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